Board of Governors

DTU’s Board of Governors is the highest authority for the University’s activities. 

  Per Falholt, Chairman, Photo: Mikal Schlosser
  Per Falholt, Chairman


Eva Berneke, Photo: Mikal Schlosser
Eva Berneke

Lau Halkier WandallLau Halkier Wandall

Henrik Clausen
 Tobias Holck Colding, Photo: Mikal SchlosserTobias Holck Colding
 Annette Fr?hling, Photo: Mikal SchlosserAnnette Frøhling
 Annette Fr?hling, Photo: Mikal Schlosser
Martin Carsten Nielsen
Susanne Juhl, Photo: Mikal Schlosser Susanne Juhl

Anders Henry Nielsen, Photo: Mikal SchlosserAnders Henry Nielsen

Hanne S?ndergaard, Photo: Mikal SchlosserHanne Søndergaard

The Board of Governors approves the University’s strategy as well as budget and action plans; enters into Development Contracts with the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation; appoints the President, and makes decisions on new building projects, etc.

The Board of Governors meets at least four times a year and comprises ten members: six external members, two students, and two staff representatives.

The President provides secretariat services to the Board of Governors.  

Members of DTU's Board of Govenors as of January 2019:

Chairman Per Falholt, MSc Eng, CEO, Per Falholt Global R&D Advisory Services.
Chairman of the Foundation Universe Science Park. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DHI Foundation and member of the boards of Danfoss A/S, Cytovac A/S and CO-RO A/S.

Eva Berneke, MSc Eng, MBA, CEO, KMD A/S.
Other directorships: Member of the Board of Directors of LEGO A/S, member of the Board of Directors of Vestas Wind Systems A/S and member of the Conseil d'administration of École Polytechnique Université Paris-Saclay

Lau Halkier Wandall, MSc Eng Student. Elected by and among students.

Henrik Clausen, MSc Eng, MBA, CEO, TDC.

Anette Frøhling, Executive Secretary. Elected by and from among the technical-administrative staff at DTU.

Lars Holm, MSc Eng student. Elected by and among students. Other directorships: Member of the executive committee of IDA 

Susanne Juhl, MSc Eng, CEO, HMN Natural Gas I / S.
Other directorships: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dansk Gasteknisk Center A/S, member of the Board of Directors of (Bureau) of the Academy of Technical Sciences, Politiken-Fonden and A/S  Politiken Holding.

Anders Henry Nielsen, Senior Researcher/Associate Professor. Elected by and from among the academic staff at DTU. 

Hanne Søndergaard, MSc. Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, Arla Foods Amba.
Other directorships: Member of the Board of Directors of the Arla Foundation. Chairman of Ejendomsaktieselskabet of 2/1 1989 Esbjerg, Tage Søndergaard Holding A/S and Annalise and Tage Søndergaards Fond.


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